mobivention revolutionises the distribution of iOS apps in the EU with an authorised alternative app marketplace

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  • Written by Ines Kramer
  • Date: 04 Mar 2024

mobivention today announces the launch of the mobivention App Marketplace, an innovative platform for the distribution of iOS apps in the EU

Cologne, Germany, March 04, 2024 – mobivention announces the launch of the mobivention App Marketplace, a groundbreaking development for iOS app developers and enterprise customers in the European Union. This move follows the latest requirements of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The EU’s DMA regulates criteria for gatekeepers, large digital platforms that offer so-called core platform services, such as online search engines, app stores and messenger services. The Apple iOS App Store has been defined as a gatekeeper and Apple must comply with the regulations of the DMA from 7 March 2024 and thus allow alternative app marketplaces for iOS apps in the European Union (EU), among other things.

A new chapter for iOS apps

The mobivention App marketplace will be available as an alternative app marketplace as soon as the regulation comes into force on 7 March 2024. The aim is to offer corporate customers and other app developers an alternative platform for the simple and secure distribution of B2B and B2C iOS apps.

“We are ready to launch on 7 March 2024, the earliest possible date,” explains Dr Hubert Weid, Managing Director of mobivention GmbH Our goal is to provide companies with an innovative platform that enables them to participate in the growing app business and increase their competitiveness. This initiative reflects mobivention’s commitment to supporting the digital transformation of companies and redefining the way iOS apps are distributed and used. We are thus demonstrating our innovative strength in a completely newly developing market. We are thus demonstrating our innovative strength in a completely newly developing market.

Focus on corporate customers

The mobivention App marketplace is primarily aimed at business customers who are looking for an alternative solution for distributing their apps. Various alternatives to app distribution are currently available, but these have more or less numerous limitations and do not allow all the required business models to be mapped.

When using the mobivention App marketplace, it is irrelevant whether the corporate customers have developed the apps themselves or had them developed by a service provider.

Another target group is larger corporations that want to offer their own app marketplace for their apps. mobivention provides them with its solution as a white label solution with the option of customising it to their individual needs.

Simple implementation and comprehensive support

mobiventions corporate customers only need an Apple developer account and an app uploaded to Apple’s App Store Connect to be able to use the mobivention App marketplace. mobivention supports the entire process, from providing additional metadata to approving and checking the apps according to the criteria specified by Apple.

Advantages of the mobivention App Marketplace

The advantages of the mobivention App Marketplace include simplified rules for the publication of apps, alternative billing models, a reduced revenue share for in-app purchases and the option of integrating alternative payment solutions.


The mobivention App Marketplace is the result of a close collaboration with Apple. The mobivention team developed the App Marketplace together with Apple in a coding lab at Apple’s European headquarters in Cork, Ireland.

Future-orientated development

With extensive experience in iOS app development and alternative distribution methods, mobivention is ideally positioned to serve this market and open up new opportunities for businesses.

About mobivention

mobivention is a leading IT service provider specialising in app and web development. The service portfolio consists of conception, UI / UX design, development and related services. The supported products include native apps, hybrid apps, PWA, responsive websites and web applications.

Founded in 2003, the company has around 30 employees and many years of experience in developing apps and websites for customers of all sizes. This unique expertise forms the basis for successful collaboration with well-known customers from a wide range of industries

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